Braden's 1st Birthday!

Last August I got to meet little Braden for the first time. You've seen him several times since then with his wonderful parents, Tamara and Blake. It was surreal when we met on-campus in September for his 1st birthday photos! Braden was full of smiles and laughter, he even got to experience bubbles for the first time during our session :-) I am so thankful that the Bauers have brought me along throughout Braden's first year- enjoy his 'big boy' session after a quick flash back through the past 12 months. Braden when he was only a few days old | August of 2010

Braden at seven months old | March 2011

Braden celebrating his 1st birthday! | September 2011

Tamara, Blake and Braden- thank you so much for another wonderful session! You guys are wonderful and I am so thankful that you have invited me along throughout Braden's first-year!

in His love,