Downtown Savannah | 25th Anniversary | June 2013

Savannah Georgia 25th Anniversary Portraits (14 of 19)

The clouds rolled in and my heart sunk.

After all these miles, were we really going to get rained out of Carla & Paul's 25th anniversary session?

We met in the heart of historic Downtown Savannah and J and I immediately felt comfortable with this outstanding couple who we were just meeting for the first time. They didn't flinch at the incoming storm clouds but instead, suggested we get dinner!

After we got our fill of sweet tea and yummy burgers, the skies cleared and we celebrated every inch of Carla and Paul's love.

Carla & Paul have two beautiful daughters and Jena was able to join us for the session. It was so fun to have her along-- you can tell that she knows how amazing her parents are!

Downtown Savannah is *so* incredibly charming and it was really fun to walk the historic streets with a family who knows the area. We talked about family, beaches and the best places to eat-- I think they've convinced J and I to move their some day! Plus, the scenery and backdrops were truly lovely.

I couldn't have asked for a better ending to J & I's road trip sessions. These two really were inspiring and I told them that if J & I's marriage could look anything like theirs in 23 years I'd feel very blessed :-)

Leslie, thank you for connecting me with your sister so that we could meet for this special moment!

Carla & Paul, it was truly wonderful to meet you. Your spirit and joy is infectious-- keep dancing!

in His love,