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Oxford Exchange Downtown Tampa Photography Headshots (5 of 8)

When we made the decision to move to Tampa I immediately reached out via social media to start connecting with the local photography community. I was so lucky during the first four years of my business to be in Kansas City and Manhattan where there were incredible groups for photographers interested in learning//sharing//referring etc. I knew I wanted to pursue this sort of community in Florida and was really thankful when I connected with a few local talents, one of whom was Tiffany.

Meeting Tiffany in-person was truly like being re-connected with a long lost friend even though we were meeting for the first time. We had a great afternoon exploring the always-quaint Oxford Exchange tea room and surrounding Downtown Tampa area and I was honored to be able to make some new photography headshots for her!

I found myself breathing a breath of fresh air during my time with Tiffany. Her bright spirit and love for the Lord encouraged my heart-- how amazing that God allowed us to meet and begin both a colleague relationship and a friendship!

I always love getting together with other photographers to shoot. It never ceases to amaze me how much I am able to both teach and learn during one-on-one time. The internet is a powerful place but nothing can replace time with a camera in your hands practicing, critiquing and sharing. I'm really thankful that Tiffany allowed me to mentor her a bit while learning from her as well!

I hope I get to spend more time with other Tampa Bay Photographers soon-- this afternoon was too fun to not repeat!

Tiffany, thank you for trusting and spending time with me! You are lovely inside and out and I know God will do great things with your business!

If you're interested in a photog get together, I'd love to meet-up! is me-- let's make a date :)

in His love,