Katy & Lauren

May 2010 Thursday was full of bright, streaming sunlight and 20+ MPH winds....two challenges all photographers must face during a Kansas spring evening. I was a bit nervous for Lauren and Katy, worried the wind would ruin their curls and the sunshine would  shadow their faces for their K-State graduation pictures. I was amazed to find the exact opposite to be true! These girls, who met in K-State Singers four years ago, used the elements to their advantage and produced some of the most stunning pictures I have taken yet! Their eyes are piercing, smiles and laughter infectious and zest for life contagious. Katy is an engineering major and Lauren is an education major,  paths crossed by a love of musical theater =) I am so glad to know these two beautiful women and look forward to hearing about all of their upcoming adventures. Congratulations Katy & Lauren!