Malia + McKenna Maxwell

Three years ago I took Mardell & Jessica's engagement pictures on my little point-and-shoot canon. They were my first session, ever, and were foundational in the start of this business. Their faith in me and support of my talent was astounding and pushed me to go ahead an give this photography thing a real shot. I'm so thankful for them :-)

Mardell and I were in the K-State Singers show choir together in college and it was simply breathtaking to visit he & Jessica in May to meet their 3 week old twin daughters. Life is just amazing, isnt' it?! The girls were pretty tiny when they came home from the hospital so we decided to have a relaxed, in-door/at-home session for their first portraits. The girl's personalities were already shining through- I was in awe the whole time I was there!



A huge thank you to Mardell & Jessica for believing in me and trusting me with such important milestones.