Overland Park, KS | The Pattison Girls | June 2013

Johnson County Community College Sister Session (3 of 15)

love working with teenagers and find that they are the most fun to have in front of the camera. So, you can imagine my happiness when my friend Karen scheduled a session for her three beautiful daughters, Halston, Veronica and Ginny before I left for Florida.

Coordinated outfits and colored tenni shoes were the perfect wardrobe choices for these three beauties. The oldest, Halston, was one of my 2013 seniors and it was great to catch-up with her again before she leaves for college!

Johnson County Community College is one of my favorite session locations in Overland Park and was the perfect space to explore with these three lovelies. Brick//benches//stairs//trees-- we walked, talked and saw it all!

Starting high school, sorority recruitment and drill team camp were the main topics of conversation as we walked and explored. Let me tell ya, these girls are just as talented as they are beautiful!

Halston, Veronica & Ginny,

Thank you for spending the evening with me! You are all so beautiful and have such kind hearts-- I'm inspired to continue working with young people both in front and behind the camera because of girls like you. Keep in touch and please head to Florida for your next session (right, Karen? :))

in His love,