St. Louis | Allyson + Kyle | June 2013

St Louis Couples Session (10 of 15)

We spent a week in the St. Louis area during our road trip so that we could hang out with my mom's family. Most of them live in Edwardsville, IL, a super quaint town that has grown into a cool St. Louis suburb over the last ten years. The old downtown area is a lot of fun and within walking distance from my grandma's house-- the perfect space for a session with my cousin Allyson and her boyfriend, Kyle!

These two have been together since high school and are a lot of fun to spend time with! They are easy going and laughed a lot during their session which made my job really easy :)

The sun was playing an intense game of peek-a-boo during their session but I'm glad it snuck out from behind the clouds for a few minutes! I think Allyson & Kyle thought I was crazy when I started running towards the light..... er.... photographer problem I guess?

Stay tuned for a second session set in Downtown Edwardsville coming this weekend!

Happy Friday! in His love,