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Sometimes I just know that a session is going to be great and Lynn + Yan's was one such session. These two are a part of J and I's church community but we hadn't met them in-person yet prior to their session. We met at the University of Tampa on a quiet Thursday night and had a blast getting to know them and hearing more about their story. These two are incredible entrepreneurs who booked this session to build their headshot portfolios. Of course, we made a few couples portraits, too! They will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary this fall and are just doing awesome things thanks to God's provision!

Real-Estate/Small Business portraits are a bit different than my traditional route for performers but were very fun to make just the same. It helped tremendously that Lynn and Yan were dressed to impress-- I love seeing people rock the business professional look without being boring! Lynn's necklace and Yan's socks-- the perfect "pops" added to their wardrobe (you can read more about the style tips I recommend taking from their session here)!

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Please follow Lynn (https://www.facebook.com/lyhhomes) and Yan (https://www.facebook.com/inovationcabinetry) as they move forward in their INCREDIBLE business adventures. If you are in the market for cabinetry work or home buying in Tampa Bay I would also HIGHLY recommend contacting them! They are great, trustworthy people who are really doing awesome things.

Lynn + Yan, thanks so much for a fun day! I hope you love your images!

in His love, Laura