My mornings begin with the sunrise and a (repeated) push of the snooze button. One arm drapes over the side of the bed where our rescue girl (Jenny the Hound) provides a few encouraging “time to rise and shine” kisses. Meanwhile my other hand searches for my high school sweetheart, now husband of four years, only to find that he’s still asleep after being out late the night before rehearsing for his next stage show.  

My days are full to the brim with grading papers, reading books, lunch dates and some of the best college students around. I completed my Master’s of Education this year and love to learn and teach in any setting. I’ve got the best day-job there is!

Evenings might include a walk around our urban neighborhood, situated just outside of downtown Tampa. I often pull in to our 1950’s block home to find dinner on the table, a bottle of wine open, and friends on the way. Our artistic-introvert lifestyle also warrants a healthy amount of throw blankets and soft places to rest while catching up on the news or Netflix.

Regardless of what each day holds, I wake up feeling abundantly grateful the I have the privilege to illustrate life’s most important stories for some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.


Doer, mover, and shaker. I leave things different than I find them! 


The Midwest and very proud to be from there! Some of the kindest people live in the heart of the U.S.!


And I met when we were 14 years old in acting class! 

Here's a side by side of us at prom and then on our wedding day!

  1. I’m a follower of Jesus and so thankful for the gift of grace that overcomes the messiness of life!

  2. I’m a former Disney Princess. Yes, the real kind.  No, I didn’t get to keep the costume. Yes, I’ll do the voice for you.

  3. I used to hate the beach (Kansas girl problems) but now that I live 30 minutes from some of the most beautiful shorelines in the world, I can't imagine not being near the water. 

  4. I have my master’s degree in Education, which means I have fancy letters (M.Ed) behind my name. More importantly, though, it means that I am passionate about speaking, teaching and seeing others grow from knowledge, especially in the small business/creative industry!

  5. I’m a storyteller at heart and use my counseling background more now as a photographer than I did while working in the non-profit/education sectors. 


White linens, specifically down pillows and blankets! Cruising, #jennythehound, neutral walls, travel—even if it’s just a Saturday daytrip to a new local town, Insta, red wine and everything being clean/having a place! Oh, and I have a terrible sweet tooth that guides the way when I explore new cities!

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I cannot wait to work with you! xo!