A New Easter



Easter has a different meaning this year as we’ve experienced just a drop of the sacrificial love Jesus offers each of us in learning to love K & her family. I never thought praying about fostering teenagers would lead us to doing so “unconventionally” but I’m grateful for a God who uses the kingdom to steward love and provision; for this beautiful girl and her life, a spare bedroom, cooperative school system, beyond generous friends and an incredible husband who loves all us girls (including jenny dog) so well.

Whether parenting a biological newborn or a 17.5 year old next door neighbor, I’m learning that your heart truly does beat outside of your chest which provides such an opportunity to be pushed back into the father’s arms. He is risen, my friends, and even better He is alive and I know this to be true if only by the work He’s done in our life that would be utterly impossible otherwise.

P.S. When dropping teenagers off at a dance, don’t cry. It’s not cool.



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