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Early April graced Kansas with a sneak-peak of what we now know to be the-spring-that-won’t-come-to-stay. Thankfully, it decided to play peek-a-boo on the day of Allie & Dave’s engagement session and we soaked in as much as we could.


I love shooting in Kansas City. The colors and textures of the alleyways are like undiscovered treasures to me. Every garage door, stair step and rustic wall makes me “oooh” and “aaah” and makes my clients think (and sometimes say) “are you crazy?!” Yes, yes I am. But in this instance, my clients reap the benefits 🙂



Allie and Dave are two of the sweetest people I’ve ever photographed. We met for the 1st time the day of their session and I couldn’t wait to hear more about their love story.

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As we walked the streets of Southwest Boulevard they told J and I about how they met in high school but didn’t fall in love until a perfect turn of events re-connected them after college. Their story reminded us of ours and it was so fun to reminisce.

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At the beginning of the session Allie said something I’ve only heard from a handful of clients over the years:

“Dave and I hardly have any pictures together. In fact, we’re not really sure what these are going to look like because we don’t know what we look like together”.

WHAT? Girl, you’ve come to the right place.

11 15


When I started captured in His image Photography my goals were two- fold:

  1. To provide my clients with stunning images that tell their story. 
  2. To give my clients the opportunity to print beautiful, and affordable, images, books and wraps for their homes and future families.

These goals remain my focus today and I was thankful for Allie and Dave’s reminder of their importance. We may live in an overly-digital world but images like this simply can’t be replaced and are so deserving for a couple like Allie and Dave.

16 18




When I schedule locations for my sessions I always ask if the family | couple | senior has a favorite spot in mind that they would like included in the plans {thank you, Rose Wheat Photography for this great planning tip!} In Allie and Dave’s case, their suggested spot was “something that included the KC skyline”.

Hmm….. where could we find the best view?


25 26 28

After reaching out to my local photography community, I had a perfect location in mind and I’d never even been there!

The Liberty Memorial.


Whoa. Boom. Gorgeous.

I couldn’t have found a better spot for their “KC Skyline” backdrop and am so glad we made a few images to capture this part of their story.


33 32

Allie & Dave– thank you for spending the afternoon with J & I! It was such a blessing to meet you both and I look forward to watching the story of your marriage unfold.

in His love,


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