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Hello happy little blog!

I am sorry I’ve been away for so long– Mexico and Florida called, and I answered. I have lots of updates and pictures to share with you but first– lets catch-up with one of my favorite recent photo adventures and the story behind the images.

Meet the beautiful Ashley:


Ashley has been with captured in His image since the beginning. In 2009 she and her then fiance, Andrew, contacted me to schedule an engagement session– they were one of the first I ever shot.

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Since then you’ve seen her on several occasions, mainly to celebrate she and Andrew’s sweet little guy, Aiden. It’s amazing how much can happen in four years!


In early January she sent me a beautiful editorial image she’d found with a text that read

” I am covered in Aiden spit and puke, I haven’t “gotten ready” in weeks– can we do a session? I want to feel pretty again”


Now, I don’t know much about motherhood. But, I do know that every woman should have a few amazing moments every now and again where she gets to feel really, truly beautiful.


My friend, Emma {Rose Wheat Photography} offered to open her barn home for the session and even hosted us for a snuggly breakfast before we started clicking. Quality time + beautiful women + living organically in community = an amazing setting for a session like this.


Emma and I co-shot the session and at one point she was shooting and I was walking around with Aiden who was shrieking. Ashley stayed calm and her beauty continued to radiate– it was such a visual lesson in “living in the kingdom” and how God uses marriages and families to teach, prune and encourage.


I learned a lot and was stretched by this photo-venture. Some images will remain behind closed doors for Ashley and Andrew to enjoy privately and I love that. Marriage is such a complex, intimate bundle of blessings and I count this session as one that encompassed all of that.

I’m thankful for the heart and creation God had in mind when he made Eve. There’s so much beauty to be found in women and I’m thankful for opportunities like this to capture even a glimpse.

in His love,


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