Baby M | Week 20

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Today was an amazing day, my friends. A seriously amazing day.

 I mean, how often do you get to say that your morning plans include a breakfast date with a 20 week old baby?!

There are few things more glorious than seeing your best friend and the love of her life prepare to welcome a new life into the world. But meeting that new life on a fuzzy, black and white screen? That is pretty unbelievable, too  🙂

As we sat and watched this little one move {and hide!} I found myself in total awe, wishing he or she were here now for us to hold and talk to already…

Can you hear us, baby M? When we sing and talk and laugh we hope you’re listening we but know it’s pretty hard  for you right now considering your inner ear bones just finished developing! If you’d been able to hear my thoughts and words today, here is what your Auntie Lo would have said:

 You can thank me for encouraging your momma to eat a chocolate cliff bar this morning for breakfast– I know you have a sweet tooth and thought it might help you pep up for your time in the spotlight. You must have your daddy’s determination though because you stayed in your own comfy position throughout the whole ultrasound!

Today was focused on checking-out all the hard work you’ve been up to– your growing hands and feet, organs and bones and most importantly, face and heart. You are amazing– we are all in awe of you! 

As I watched your parents quietly plan and laugh in the waiting room, anticipating the chance to get to to see you again, I couldn’t help but wonder…What color your hair will be? Black like your daddy’s? What about your eyes? Blue like your momma’s?  

The truth is, every inch of you will be a total surprise [except for the fact that you have a massive sweet tooth] and it has everyone *so* very excited to meet you. 

It will be a few weeks until we get to see you again but I know you’ve got a lot of growing to keep you busy between now and then. Today you were the size of a small banana, next time, you’ll be closer to a small melon! 

In the meantime, your mommy and daddy are going to start working on your new room [I hope you like periwinkle and grey!] and I’m going to get started on planning a party for us to celebrate you before you arrive [I know, I wish you could be here to open the presents, too]. 

We’ll be watching your momma’s bump for signs of you– maybe soon we’ll be able to feel your kicks from the outside! 

What a b-l-e-ssing to be here during this amazing season of life for Ashley, Ben and baby and to be their personal documenter, too 🙂

Life is good  & precious, isn’t it?

in His love,


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