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When you live over 1,000 miles from 85% of your family, time together (for us at least) becomes incredibly precious. It’s the reason we really decided to leave The Foote Cottage– so we’d have room for beds, air mattresses, and more than 3 people at the dinner table. So, you could say that having all of our immediate family (except my step dad and step siblings) visit Our Corner Lot this year has been the best gift ever. 

Tomorrow I turn 28 and every year I feel crazy celebrating “myself”. I mean, what the heck did I do to get onto this planet? Nada. But when I look at these images and think about the visits and adventures we had with our moms, dads, grandparents, brothers and sister this year, I’m all about celebrating. Because our lives intersecting to create a family is mind boggling and getting to experience so much wonderful life together, even when we live far apart, has been amazing– especially this year! 

If I could wish anything for year 28 it would be more of the memories below.

More foodie adventures with our siblings and antique store adventures with our parents. 
More pups (a family can’t have enough dogs, right?)
More convincing a few of them that the beach is cool. 
More pitstops to hug grandparents.
More wine. Always more wine. 

Really, I just want more reasons to prep our guest room snack basket, shut off our phones (except for selfies, duh), and catch up with the people we love. 

Thanks for being the best birthday, christmas, anniversary, everything present ever. For loving us well even from a distance, cheering us on, praying for us, and for learning to love Florida. 

Love you all! 
Signed- the oldest of the kid bunch (besides my older husband by 13 days)



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