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Never in a million years would I have guessed that my best friend and her husband would end up living an hour down the road from my husband and I, 1,500 hundred miles from where we all met (Kansas)! 

These are the kinds of storylines that I’m so grateful God writes because they are amazing and better than anything I could come up with! Especially when little babies enter the picture! 

“Framily” is a term we’ve coined and used often since moving to Florida where I have not one, but two Kansas besties + families within a stones throw of our house. We celebrate holidays together, meet for lunch just because, help each other with home projects– it’s the best! 

Needless to say after Pam and Charles wrapped up a year of travel nursing only to settle in Sarasota, FL, J and I were THRILLED. And, just after they moved here, they announced that they were expecting their first baby! Best NEWS EVER!! 

And now, Baby Brighton is officially HERE and has stolen everyone’s hearts, just in time for Christmas! In my best friend opinion he has Pam’s mouth/chin and Charles’ hair and eyes. He was one of the most attentive newborns ever and those big eyes will melt you heart! So will his dog brother, Zeus, who is doing a great job of loving on him. 

P.S. The benefit of having a newborn in Florida Winter is that we can do a lot of their session outside, and, we can sneak into the neighbors yard for Hawaii-esque blooms. Yaaaaas! 

We love you guys so much! Merry first Christmas, Baby Brighton!! 

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