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In October, Jordan and I were blessed to be able to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary. It was unbelievable to us that a year had passed and we felt so lucky to have an extended weekend together to celebrate {you can read more about it here}.

As the end of our adventure-filled weekend drew to a close, we felt ourselves wishing we could give just a fraction of the fun we’d had to another deserving couple. From this urging, the Celebrating Love contest was born! Entries poured in and Jordan and I read the stories of each couple, amazed  by their words and images. Finally, we selected a winner and anxiously awaited Maren & Sean’s November session.


Maren and Sean have been together “over half their lives”, having grown up on the same block as kids and sharing nearly all of their life experiences together. Their love was palatable and our time together priceless! If Jordan and I’s marriage looks anything like theirs does in 16 years I would be overwhelmed. These two were seriously awesome.

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I met Maren and Sean at Manhattan’s old railroad bridge and we spent the afternoon walking around and talking. I learned about their kiddos, their life together. My heart was so full!

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Maren & Sean,

Thank you for entering the Celebrating Love contest and for coming to Manhattan for your session! Many blessings on your marriage and family this year.

in His love,


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