Celebrating Love: Year 3 Winners!


Thank you so much for your patience as we battled flu bugs and left/returned from our 3rd anniversary trip to NYC! I apologize for the delay of this announcement but am so glad J and I, like we have every year, had a chance to sit together to read through each story that was submitted for this year’s Celebrating Love contest.

To be honest, we were just blown away by all that you shared. Truly, it is such a privilege to get to read a piece of your story, especially when you really share. The raw, the hilarious, the honest, the imperfect, the love. It’s why we started this contest to begin with– because we know our stories but very rarely share them or write them down. I know for a fact that this year’s contestants inspired complete strangers and that their stories moved in the hearts of many. I have the messages, text, Facebook and otherwise, to prove it! Seriously, best year yet thanks to these couples.

Davis Island Model Session_0046

Davis Island Model Session_0046

As always, choosing always feels impossible because every story is simply amazing. But, it wouldn’t be a contest if we didn’t. We pray a lot through this process and it’s amazing what God brings to the surface every year. Nuggets of wisdom, themes that resonate, stories that simply defy the odds. We are always changed by what you share! This year’s winners were selected because their shared hardship with humor and beauty.

Congratulations first to this year’s “Celebrating Love” Gift Box Winner, Cyndi and her main man Quentin from Topeka, KS! Cyndi nominated the first Celebrating Love winners and has been an incredible support of captured and me since we met in 2012. She is an amazing woman who loves her family in ways I can only hope I will be able to someday. Their story made us cry and rejoice all in the same breath. I can’t wait to get her box in the mail, complete with a precious notecard set, galvanized mail organizer, picture frame and set of salted caramel chocolates.

Davis Island Model Session_0049

Davis Island Model Session_0049

This year’s grand prize, the “Celebrating Love” portrait session with choice of $50 towards a Rent the Runway Dress Rental or professional Makeup by Emily Ann goes to Tori and her husband, JD! We loved how they told their story– through cake, I mean, come one! It also hit close to home that they’ve been spending time apart as they support one another and their big, bold dreams. As they prepare to leave Tampa, it will be such a privilege to make a set of images for them in a place that for a while was home!

Davis Island Model Session_0048

Davis Island Model Session_0048

Thank you SO MUCH for making this year incredible! This truly is one of my favorite things that captured does every year and I always walk away inspired and so very encouraged. To everyone who entered- thank you for sharing your story!

in His love,


  1. Cyndi Haines

    October 23rd, 2014 at 7:27 am

    Wow! We feel so honored to be chosen. Thank you so much Laura and J!!! I look forward to reading these every year. I’m such a sucker for a love story!! Looking forward to getting the box of goodies…just wished we lived closer so you could take our pic’s again. I look at our anniversary photos often and cherish that memory. I am so thankful our paths crossed Laura! You are so special and such an inspiration to me. I’m praying for you and all of these couples tonight-May God bless you all! Thanks again, my heart is full tonight : )

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