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Running a small business is a funny thing because even the most well intentioned efforts to be clear and transparent can be muddled and confusing. Though I really strive to run this business transparently, I take for granted that I know and direct the inner-workings of captured in His image and that new and prospective clients can’t possibly understand it all from the get-go. So, I’m going to start working to bring you behind the scenes more often to get a feel for the whats, whys and hows of this business!

Tonight’s installment: CIHI Bridal Consultations.

Tampa Bay Wedding Photography Consultation_0046

Tampa Bay Wedding Photography Consultation_0046

As I’ve shared before, I waited a long time before I started doing weddings, partly because I recognized early on that the provision of this service goes far beyond a single day and a bundle of images. One of the most important parts of the process, I believe, is the first time I get to sit down with my potential brides and grooms and really listen to their story and begin to paint a picture of their day.

My bridal consultations are intended to be set-up like a “friend date”. You know, we pick a fun place (like my favorite Florida tea room, The Courtyard), set a date/time and I treat you to a fun beverage or dessert while we talk. My brides and grooms do not need to bring anything to this meeting– I know how much you already have on your plate! I, however, will bring some things to help guide our conversation.

First, everything you need to know about my process, approach and services, all in one little folder. (See, I told you I’d make this easy!)

We walk through this folder together and cover everything from my package overview to how I create your day-of schedule. I’ll have sample contracts, print releases and schedules ready so that you can start to visualize what all of this means for your day specifically. This is all yours to take, too, so whether you’re meeting with other vendors before making a decision or moving forward with me you’ll have some helpful planning documents in your arsenal.

Tampa Bay Wedding Photography Consultation_0049

Tampa Bay Wedding Photography Consultation_0049

I’m really excited to be offering completely digital delivery of images to my clients after their wedding so I’ll be excited to walk you through an actual gallery during our time together. I’m glad you’ll get to see more than my 5 best images- it’s important you see a day front to back- and I’ll be able to describe even better my style and approach when I can show you examples. You’ll see that each day truly is unique and that I do everything I can to build in my couple’s personalities and preferences into my natural approach!

At this point we will all be swept up in the details of your day– the moments you’ve planned just for your ceremony, the beautiful space where your reception will be heldthe color palette you’ve fallen in love with and the wedding cupcakes you just can’t wait for your guests to try. I’ll be quietly taking notes because secretly (or not so secretly), I’m just as excited as you are.

The best part of this job is that I get to take all that I love and all that God has given me and pair it with all of your plans and dreams for one of the biggest days of your life. Seriously, it is such a privilege and gift.

And that my friends, is it. I’ll give you a hug and pray that regardless of what happens after we part ways that your day will be blessed. I’ll clear our table, pack up my laptop, and hope that our time didn’t end with goodbye but rather, see you later and talk to you soon.

Tomorrow I get to spend a good part of my day in bridal consults and I am so excited. The opportunity to enter in to such an exciting time is simply exhilarating! These meetings are complimentary and highly recommended before making a booking decision. Plus, they are fun <3

For more information about captured in His image Wedding Packages please visit or e-mail to set-up a time to meet! I would love that!

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