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I, of course, had to take a selfie. Because that's what you do these days when something awesome happens, yes?! A quick pre-takeoff "Hey, mom, look what J & I got our hands on!" text was sent and I spent part of the flight just turning the images of Southwest Airline's Magazine. I knew the images were going to print at the time I shot them, but seeing it all come together was so fun! And honestly, the thing I was most proud of? Was that no studio or artificial lighting was used to create the image the marketing team for Harper Collins Publishing used for the ad. 

In a world saturated with imagery, and arguably "free" content for companies to use, I strive to create high quality, custom images that are primarily shot with natural light, spaces, and people. Commercial photography for the modern age, is how I like to think of it. 

When i boarded a flight and saw my image...



Publicist Pals Wanted

I've been a book girl since before I could even talk or turn the pages. I love the adventures they take us on and the timelessness of their smell (yes, I'm that girl in the library or book store just breathing in deep!)

Suffice it to say, it's a pleasure when I have the opportunity to work with authors and publishing companies for both marketing and book content imagery. 

Literature projects have included Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley, Jesus Calling + Jesus Always by Sarah Young and Faith & Lettering by Krystal Whitten. 

Advertising + events

RSVP Party of Me

Your big event, conference, or team project? It's a thrill to get to come alongside you to document your hard work and to share the story through imagery! 

I often travel for these projects and always coordinate with you to plan every detail of the images you need to best capture your hard work. 

From corporate gatherings to creative conferences, I would love to be a part of your next event or advertising project!


The goods

Sky is the limit when it comes to launching your product, but imagery is what allows your clients to push that "buy me!" button. 

From t-shirts to planners, I have worked with a wide range of creative entrepreneurs to create imagery for their websites, online shops, and catalogues. Bringing your designs to life is truly one of my favorite things to do! 

My stylist is included in all commercial product shoots. Together we create a brand board, select props and work as a team on your entire production.

schedule a complimentary 15 minute introduction call with me today to discuss your project dreams!

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