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Creating gorgeous, bright, branding and headshot portraits for entrepreneurs is a passion point for me. There is incredible weight to making a set of images that will sell someones products, ideas, gifts, and personality– no pressure-haha! But, that’s why I love making them. Plus, these portraits allow me to work with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. People I want to introduce you right away and wish I could have dinner with often because they have so much to offer others.  

Dia is one such person. 

We recently created these portraits for her new coaching company, Dia Marie, and I love how she has used them so far on her website and in her marketing materials! This girl is a powerhouse and upon meeting her, I was energized by her infectious personality. She completed the same Masters of Education program I did but went on to start her own pharmaceutical sales company. She’s a sales genius and is so passionate about helping other business owners achieve their financial goals– I cannot wait to see where 2016 takes her! 

We made Dia’s portraits inside and outside the beautiful Le Meridien/Bizou hotel and restaurant in downtown Tampa. I love the contrast of her looks– colorful and girlee first followed by neutral and smokin’. So fun for the feminine but assertive brand she has created. 

Dia, you are a stunning powerhouse my dear! Such a privilege to make these images for you and amazing to see how you’ve used them already on your website and facebook pages! You’re incredible!  xoxo! 



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