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When we made the decision to move to Tampa I immediately reached out via social media to start connecting with the local photography community. I was so lucky during the first four years of my business to be in Kansas City and Manhattan where there were incredible groups for photographers interested in learning//sharing//referring etc. I knew I wanted to pursue this sort of community in Florida and was really thankful when I connected with a few local talents, one of whom was Tiffany.

Meeting Tiffany in-person was truly like being re-connected with a long lost friend even though we were meeting for the first time. We had a great afternoon exploring the always-quaint Oxford Exchange tea room and surrounding Downtown Tampa area and I was honored to be able to make some new photography headshots for her!

I found myself breathing a breath of fresh air during my time with Tiffany. Her bright spirit and love for the Lord encouraged my heart– how amazing that God allowed us to meet and begin both a colleague relationship and a friendship!

I always love getting together with other photographers to shoot. It never ceases to amaze me how much I am able to both teach and learn during one-on-one time. The internet is a powerful place but nothing can replace time with a camera in your hands practicing, critiquing and sharing. I’m really thankful that Tiffany allowed me to mentor her a bit while learning from her as well!

I hope I get to spend more time with other Tampa Bay Photographers soon– this afternoon was too fun to not repeat!

Tiffany, thank you for trusting and spending time with me! You are lovely inside and out and I know God will do great things with your business!

If you’re interested in a photog get together, I’d love to meet-up! is me– let’s make a date 🙂

in His love,


  1. Tiffany Weaver

    September 1st, 2013 at 5:57 pm

    Laura! I can’t wait to put up a blog post with the pictures of you I edited! Today is my deadline for a wedding so I have to make sure to get done, but sometime this week it should be up! Thanks for all your help and lovely hangout time. Can’t wait to get together again! Much love!

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