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Last Saturday I had another opportunity to get together with another local photographer to work with off-camera flash. After practicing throughout the month of February and investing in some new equipment, I was excited to to go into a session and do everything myself! Wrenn of  Wrenn Bird Photography joined me and minus a few hiccups during set-up (equipment can get you into a pre-session sweat pretty quickly!), things went wonderfully.  Wrenn invited Heather and Sadie to join us for the morning. Both girls are absolutely stunning and were great to work with! Wrenn and I split up, sharing the space we were in and sharing equipment. It worked great thanks to our double set of Paul C. Buff cybersyncs. These bad boys allowed Wrenn and I to stay on separate circuits when we were shooting separately and to hop on the same circuit when we were sharing a set-up/model- it was perfect!
I’m looking forward to including these new portrait set-ups for future modeling/senior/headshot packages. I love the elements of beauty that are highlighted in sessions that use off-camera flash technique! See for yourself….

Heather started our session quite nervous and unsure of herself. Only a couple of minutes in and she had already become an absolute natural. I loved her sweet, southern appeal!

Although Sadie {pictured below} worked with Wrenn the majority of the session, I was able to make a few portraits with her. Sadie is confident and has an amazingly strong sense of self that comes through the moment she gets in front of the camera.

We wanted to end the session by making a few portraits of Heather and Sadie together. Their sweet friendship and encouragement and over-the-shoulder laughter at one another throughout the session was priceless!

The girls with Wrenn!

So thankful for the opportunity to work with these beautiful ladies, and with Wrenn!

Here’s to pushing forward, learning new things and keeping at it!

in His love,


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