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This past Saturday was awesome, truly awesome. As you may know, I am a part of the La Brisa Aspiring Photographer Workshop group here in Manhattan. This group has had an incredible impact on captured in His image over the past year and one of the greatest benefits of being a participant has been the opportunity to get to know other local photographers.
Rik is one such photographer and a phenomenal one at that. I have been following his work for almost three years but we didn’t meet in-person until an APW get together in December. After spending a super fun Saturday evening watching his four kiddos he generously offered to spend some time with me to work one-on-one with flash photography. Best. trade. ever.

We met at Seaton Hall where Rik introduced me to our model, Crystal, who was so wonderfully patient with us as we set-up/tore-down and talked throughout her session. Oh, and she [if you can’t tell] was also absolutely GORGEOUS in front of the camera.

Behind the scenes! (Thanks to J & my IPhone 😉 )

We started with a fairly simple off-camera flash set-up. One of my favorite features about Seaton Hall is this slate wall and it definitely served as a perfect backdrop for our first session images.

J also came along for this session to learn about lighting set-ups [assistant-in-training!]. While he and Rik set-up for our second set of images, I borrowed Crystal for a few natural light portraits.

After seeing this one on the camera she and I joked that it can be her ‘news anchor’ headshot 😉

Aaaaaand…… back to stunning again.

Our second lighting set-up was a bit more ‘involved’. After making the two images [above], I fell in love with Rik’s softbox. There may or may not be one schedule to arrive at my house later this week….. 😉

I LOVE this look. Models, seniors, headshots…… it’s so versatile/glamorous/flattering and I can’t wait to add specialty lighting to my packages!

Crystal brought a gorgeous prom dress with her to wear for part of the session. Without shoes to match, she went barefoot and exuded the perfect combination of elegance beauty.

Every time her toes peeked out from underneath her dress I couldn’t help but think about a little girl playing dress up. I’m a believer that all of us have a little girl like that inside of us 🙂

As the session came close to ending Rik asked if there were any other lighting techniques I wanted to try out. I’d seen the ‘double starbursts’ in prior images he’d made and said i’d like to give that a try. Little did I know what the combination of awesome lighting and a beautiful girl/dress would produce…..

I know, I know- you can still see the light stands. BUT…. it’s still cool, isn’t it? 😀

I think we had some quickly fading batteries that caused the flash on the right not to fire. Can you see it? I still love her focus and expression. Hooray for learning from imperfection, right?


As my super trendy sister would say….. “FIERCE!’

But still playful and fun. The best combination!

Crystal’s mom, Deb, jumped in for the last portrait! It was so wonderful having her along for the session.

And ta-da! My first flash session with a model = COMPLETE!

Special thanks, again, to Crystal & Rik. J and I are super thankful for the opportunity to work with you both!

I’m looking forward to adding some new lighting offerings to some of my packages- more information coming soon. In the meantime, I’m off to bed with my {current} favorite photo reading.

in His love,


  1. rik

    February 28th, 2012 at 3:07 pm

    great post, laura! love the images, especially the dress ones. i’m *so* bummed i completely forgot to shoot anything after she changed. you got some awesome images. 🙂
    and i hate to contradict you, but we met much earlier than this past december…do the names ashley and ben ring a bell? 😉

  2. capturedinhisimage

    February 28th, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    Thanks, Rik! I’m *so* bummed I missed out on the softbox overhead/reflector set-up madness as those images are absolutely stunning- I guess we both need to shoot again! 😉
    Oh, and I totally do not count Ashley and Ben’s wedding- I think all I said was ‘hi’ and then didn’t see/interact with you the rest of the day! Doesn’t count in my book 😉

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