Happy 1st birthday, Evey-Lou!

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Dear Evey,
Sweet girl, I can’t really explain how impossible it seems that you entered the world a year ago today. Your tiny person surprised us all when you joined us in time for Halloween instead of Christmas and you reminded us of God’s provision in new and amazing ways. A year ago today I’d woken up early at the hospital to help your mama get ready for what would be a huge day, despite the original plan for you to come on the 26th. A call from your daddy caused me to leap off a moving homecoming parade float and just an hour later, you were here!

Baby Evey (14 of 21)

Baby Evey (14 of 21)

Over the last year so many people have been impacted by your journey and so, so many people have fallen in love with you. As hard as your NICU pictures used to be for me to look at, they are now a beautiful, incredible reminder of God’s love and provision for even the smallest and weakest– He loves you so!

This year has been fun and your Uncle J and I are so glad we’re in Tampa to be able to watch as you grow. You’ve fallen in love with bathtime (and I can’t wait for you to open your birthday present today!), books and your pups. You officially took your first swim in the ocean and your fancy palette is starting to come through with your preference for risotto and all things truly delicious. You love to be held, hate missing out on all the action and are totally a baby extrovert. You also like visiting the cottage and we love when you do!

Your mom and dad have been your biggest supporters this year and have done an amazing job balancing everything that comes with being your parents. I’m sure you’re starting to figure this out when they read to you before bed and snuggle with you in the morning but seriously girl, you won the mommy/daddy jackpot. Be nice to them in year 2. At some point those teeth are going to come in and I know I’ll be sharing a few glasses of wine with your momma when they do 😉 Speaking of, as much as you’re starting to look like your daddy you have so much of your momma’s personality, right down to how gosh darn stubborn and particular you are. It’s so fun to see God’s design in using the people who he brought together to make you!

Evey Lou, you are loved and I hope you have so much fun at your party today! Thank you for gracing our lives, teaching us and reminding so many of what really matters.

Seminole Heights Gold Sparkle Styled Shoot_0091

Seminole Heights Gold Sparkle Styled Shoot_0091

Happy birthday sweet girl,

Your Auntie Lo

  1. Ashley Motley

    October 26th, 2014 at 4:44 am

    Thank you so much for these beautiful words Auntie Lo! You made this momma cry. We love you both so much! And her present was so perfect!

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