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Friends! I’m so excited!

In the midst of what has been one of the craziest series of transitions I’ve ever faced, the Lord has encouraged me to continue to pray about and surrender this business. He’s also encouraged me to dream, really  d r e a m  for all that this business could be.

So I’m learning to be  f e a r l e s s.

B r a v e. 

S m a r t. 

S a v v y. 

M e. 

And so, I’d like to introduce you to a new era for captured in His image Photography.

Senior Portrait Photographer (1)

I was so blessed to spend time with Shay of Shay Cochrane Photography this Saturday through her mentor session offerings. She is an accomplished photographer who knows her stuff and loves the Lord. Our time together was the biggest breath of fresh air I’ve had in a while.

Of all the notes I took during our chat, the ones that struck the loudest chord in my mind and heart had to do with trying to be everything, for all people, all of the time and how really, it’s just  n o t  p o s s i b l e.

This theme of perfection has been one that I’ve been specifically combating over the past few months but never realized that it might also be the thing that some days has me feeling  i n c a p a b l e  as a small business owner and artist.

You see, I care about my clients. I care a lot. And because I care I’ve tried for four years to be all things to all people– the  b e s t  wedding photographer, the  i d e a l  family photographer, the  c r e a t i v e  engagement photographer.

Though I’ve loved it all and hope to continue to do some of this work in the future, I’m turning a new leaf in terms of how I focus the time//energy//investment//branding of my business.

So, you’ll be seeing almost exclusively…..

Seniors 2


Beauty Picture

There will be a lot of fun changes coming, especially after the first of the year once J and I figure out where we’ll be living//what we’ll be doing, and I hope you’ll continue as we journey along!

I’m really looking forward to focusing on the senior//model//headshot worlds and  c a r i n g  for the people in them. If you’re interested in a session, let’s get started! |hello@capturedinhisimage.com|

Love to you!

| Senior Portrait + Beauty Photographer | Eeeeeek!|

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