Impromptu APW Session: Jordan and Jenna

Behind the Lens, Headshots

Last weekend was scheduled to be very busy and by Friday, the week had caught up to both J and I. Our house had been full of big decision weighing over dinner, maniac baking and shopping. To add to the ‘chaos’, we’d been out of town the three previous weekends (which always makes me especially feel a little CrAzY).  With a trip planned to go to KC and celebrate both our moms birthdays, we decided to give ourselves Friday night to catch-up and sleep longer than six hours in our own bed….
After a glorious morning that began after 9:30am, I awoke to find out that a few photographers from the La Brisa Aspiring Photographer group were getting together to hang out. Can you say fabulous reason to delay our KC departure? They had a place to meet but needed something to shoot. I started to think through people that might be up and around and willing. After a minute of dead end thoughts, my eyes suddenly fell onto my husband (who was still relishing his last few minutes snuggled under the covers). After a reaaaaally nice “hey babe, how would you feel if we left a little later….and went and hung out with some other photographers this morning….”, J caught on and agreed  to let us take headshots of him. 45 minutes later, he was wearing a full suit, ready to go spend his morning modeling. (Is this my life? :))

Special thanks to Chris of La Brisa Photography for getting Jenna, Elizabeth, Autumn and I together to hang out. Chris runs the Manhattan Aspiring Photographer group and I am so thankful for his willingness to share, lead and organize. captured in His image is growing and learning in huge part because of his great leadership. As if he couldn’t get any cooler, he also brought Varsity Donuts for us to chow down on pre & post session. I told you, he’s awesome. Oh, and he also taught us how to ‘turn off the sun’ during our Saturday hang out. See below.

We explored Old Stadium and the Alumni Center, working specifically on depth of focus, natural light and exposure. It was awesome to help one another and share different perspectives, settings and results. It didn’t help that the model was pretty great, too 🙂

As we were wrapping-up, Jenna (one of the photographers there), offered to let us take a couple of maternity photos of her. She’s due on February 14th (love!) and super cute. Thanks for letting us take a few, Jenna!


Definitely an awesome Saturday morning and maybe one of the last warm ones we will have for a while. Thanks again to my fellow photogs for spending the morning with us! Stay tuned later this week for birthday bash updates, snowscapes (I hope) and other fun and exciting photo (and friend) adventures happening at the Foote House. I’m off to have a sleepover with my husband and best friend. Oh ya, we are THAT excited about the impending blizzard 😉

in His love,



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