Jenna & Brad


Jenna and I’s friendship has grown this year during our time working together for K-State First. Her husband, Brad, and I first met in college through our campus ministry and it was so wonderful to re-connect with both of them last fall.
Brad and Jenna are truly awesome people! They are coming up on some big milestones: Jenna’s completion of her master’s degree, a move to a new place and their two year wedding anniversary to name a few. In celebration and to commemorate this season of life, we ventured out for a spring session on the ever-beautiful K-State campus. Jenna’s joy-filled smile and Brad’s calm demeanor carried us through as we trekked from the Seaton Hall Courtyard to the Anderson Hall plaza. Their session was incredibly comfortable and the surroundings were just lovely. Enjoy!

Thank you for a great afternoon Jenna & Brad!

in Him,



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