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Jess and Justin are dear friends of ours, and the privilege of illustrating their proposal, engagement and wedding this year was such a joy for me! I asked Jess to write her reflections on December 5th and her words are so beautiful I can’t help but start this blog with them. This is why I love my couples and why these stories are such a joy to tell. 

Engagement was a sweet season for us that allowed us to grow deeper in our relationship. I appreciate the conversations it brought and how those prepared us for the road ahead of us in marriage. Planning a wedding is both the absolute best and the most the most stressful, all at the same time. Some days are a blast and some days are really hard, but that is the beauty of imperfect people walking through life together. I fell more in love with J because of how I got to know him during wedding planning.

The foundation for our planning was how we would share God’s story in our lives and in our relationship with others. We really hoped to create a moment that was personal and invited others in to experience this story with us. It was almost as if we wanted our wedding guests to feel like they got to learn a bit more about who God is with a great meal at our dining room table with lots laughter and then followed it up with dance party in our living room, with some sweet treats in there for good measure. Instead of our living room, it happened at the stunning Barrington Hill Farm. Our guiding lights throughout planning were how are we sharing God’s story for us, how are we sharing our relationship with people we love, and what experience are we inviting others into with us. Everything we chose for the day stemmed from those pieces.

I was so nervous on our wedding day! Not because I was nervous about marrying J but… it is big to get married and it carries so much meaning and I was just processing it all, taking it all in. As soon as we got to the venue, God gave me such an enormous peace and the day just unfolded so beautifully. I’ll never forget seeing J in the distance as I began my walk to him, and then as I reached him and he sweetly took my hand. Time seemed to stand still during the ceremony.

The wedding was beyond my wildest dreams! The staff at Barrington Hill took all of our ideas and who we are as a couple and created an event with it, every bit of it was so special and generous. I am still amazed by the day. One of the best aspects for me was being surrounded by our family and friends who know us from all different stages in our lives, it brought together all of who we both are in the sweetest way. As amazing as every minute was, I am just so grateful to be married to Justin. Being the one to get love him is the greatest gift and marriage is the sweetest adventure.

— The New Mrs. Fitzgerald

Barrington Hill Farms was a dream and their staff truly went above and beyond to bring Jess and Justin’s vision to life! Paired with their incredibly kind bridal party members (including Justin’s dad as his best man and Jess’s mom as her maid of honor), we could not have had a more beautiful day. I loved exploring the live stables with this crew, too! Talk about a place to take bridal party portraits. 

Jess and Justin decided to have a first touch before their ceremony and it was the sweetest one I had ever photographed. They prayed, hugged, and took a deep breath together. I don’t know how Justin kept his eyes closed, even when Jess gave him an “almost ceremony time!!” kiss. 

The Barrington Hill team surprised Jess and Justin by making this beautiful wooden cross that they had hoped to have for their ceremony but just couldn’t afford. Tears, my friends! What a gift to give! I also loved that they mixed material together to form brick that Justin will incorporate into the home they now have together– such a unique two become one element! 

You could feel the joy of everyone following the ceremony. Their friends and family made their way to hug them and it was such a beautiful sight! The sprawling fields of Barrington Hill made the perfect backdrop for family and bridal party portraits and then we escaped by golf cart for a few of just Jess and Justin with the sprawling mansion in the background.  

The rest of the evening served as the perfect closing chapter to an all together beautiful story. The open air dancing, pie and coffee bars (Jess & Justin’s favs), candlelit supper with toasts that had everyone belly laughing, and grand send off, complete with fireworks culminated to an absolutely incredible celebration for all involved. 

Jess & Justin, we love you dearly! Thank you so much for the privilege of capturing the incredible story God has been writing for you!! 

Reception/Ceremony/Design: Barrington Hill Farm
Bride’s Hair: Angel Hair Styling
Bridal Party Hair: Michele Renee
Dress: CC’s Bridal Boutique



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