Josey + Jennifer | Fall 2012

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Sometimes amazing couples come across my path when I least expect it– I love this job and am so thankful for God’s timing!

In mid-September I received a call from Josey to see if I would be available and interested in photographing their October 20th wedding. After a few minutes on the phone listening to him talk about their story and their plans, I knew that J & I were meant to be in Pratt, KS capturing their day a month later. I moved quickly to put together a day- of portrait schedule and before I knew it, we were packed-up and headed to southwest Kansas to meet Josey and Jennifer for the first time.

This couple has a beautiful story, kind hearts, the sweetest kiddos in the whole world  and a wonderful group of family and friends. When we arrived in Pratt we could not get over the beautiful setting they had created for their day.



Every detail was accounted for. From the hanging lanterns around the ceremony garden to the reception later in the evening– Josey and Jennifer had truly thought of everything. We spent the day at Josey’s parents home and it was truly a wonderful afternoon of getting ready and family– the house was full of joy and love.

I love all of the details and little moments that happen throughout a wedding day–turning the corner to see Jen writing a note for me to deliver to Josey was the sweetest sight.

….until I came back out of that room, turned the corner and saw this….. seriously precious.

Before they got ready to see each other, I borrowed their wedding attire for images around the family home. From the hand carved chess board in the living room to the rustic sign hanging outside, there were so many great spots for detail images!

After the detail images were made and the kiddos were asleep for their afternoon naps, it was time for Josey & Jennifer to finish getting ready in preparation for their first look! I think they thought I was a bit cooky when I asked them to get ready in the family room near a wall of windows…. the setting, however, was truly perfect.

After seeing them both ready I could hardly wait to get them outside for their first look. Jordan and Josey headed down to the ceremony garden and Jen and I followed behind. I think I had as many butterflies as they did!

Seriously, aren’t they the most gorgeous couple?

When Jordan and I arrived in Pratt we immediately went searching for a beautiful park that featured the stunning fall colors that were on full-display. Western Kansas is not known for its trees but thankfully Pratt had a park that was full of them. Lemon Park’s forest, bridge and stream served as the perfect backdrop for the remainder of Josey & Jennifer’s bridal portraits.

Sigh. I love spending time with couples on their wedding day!

We left Lemon Park and headed back to the house to get the kiddos ready for the ceremony! The sun was filling the skyline with warm, Autumn light and I knew we were in for a breathtaking evening. But first, family portraits!

As the sun hung low above the horizon we whisked the {almost} bride and groom away and began to welcome close family members into the garden for Josey & Jennifer’s sunset ceremony.

As guests settled into their chairs along the spiral aisle and the candles placed on each seat began to twinkle, the music cued the bride and this amazing couple’s ceremony began. I couldn’t get over how beautiful everything was!

The daylight ran out just as they said “I do”. It was a truly magical ceremony!

The reception was held at the local country club and I loved all of the fall touches that were used to create the ambiance.

After a quick rendez-vous around town, the bride and groom arrived and began their evening of celebration with those they love. Their kiddos were close on hand for most of the night, too 🙂

What a fabulous day!

Josey & Jennifer-
Thank you for allowing Jordan and I to be a part of your day! You are both wonderful people and we so enjoyed getting to know you. You are a blessing to many and we hope you’ll keep in touch! Congratulations– marriage is the best gift in the world!

in His love,


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