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Hi friends! 

AH! I have SO much to catch you up on that will be coming to the blog soon, but, I am OFFICIALLY full-time with Laura Foote and today I had the opportunity to host my first webinar! So exciting! 

The La Brisa Aspiring Photography Workshop was started by Chris Hsieh and I have been a member for 6-7 years. Chris has been building community and offering educational opportunities since long before it was trendy in the industry and I respect him so much for that! Also, he was our wedding photographer so I’m a bit biased 🙂 

As part of the education within the group, Chris has been asking different photographers to host 30 minute “ask me anything” sessions on Facebook Live. Group members can ask questions ahead of time, or, ask while the live streaming is happening! Facebook live is only allowed from tablets/phones, so, the video quality is not amazing, but I thought some of you might want to listen to some of what we chatted about today! 

Warning: there is dancing. And an appearance by Jenny the Hound. 

Thanks so much to the APW group and Chris for hosting me today! I am so excited to do more teaching, speaking, and mentoring this year and this was an amazing and fun start! 

Next speaking event: Wednesday, July 13th- 




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