Lenses of Beauty Wedding Workshop | Winter 2012


Ever since I was little I have loved to learn. Sharing ideas, being challenged and ending up with an ability to do/talk about something better than I could before absolutely energizes me!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to join a small community of photographers for an afternoon of learning and exploring– it was amazing! Although Emma and I coordinated the day and lead the conversations, we without a doubt walked away having learned something, too.

This workshop was created out of a desire both of us had to give back. We both value education and realize how far we’ve come with our photography because of those who have been willing to take the time to help us learn. There are a lot of other temporary ways to give back but nothing sustains like true knowledge that you can always use to make your art better.

After a couple of weeks that had been spent watching applicant videos and planning, we couldn’t believe it was time for the workshop! We worked collaboratively to set the tone {in the form of fun decorations and treats!}, prepare information to share and coordinate the arrival of a real-life bride and groom that we could make portraits for as a group. It was incredible to see local partners like Blue Stem Bistro and The KatHouse Lounge support our vision– Manhattan really is a great little town!

My favorite conversations and questions from our time at Blue Stem included:

* What do you take with you to a wedding consultation?

*How do you approach scheduling for the wedding day ?

* From booking to the big day– how do you care for your clients?

After a couple of hours spent getting to know one another, learning and enjoying Snickerdoodles and Chai, we headed to the Ag Press building in Manhattan to meet Keri & Ben, our bride and groom for the afternoon!

Neither Emma or I had met Keri and Ben before the workshop. They were recommended to us by a friend of Emma and graciously agreed to be a part of our learning experience– so awesome! The best part? Keri and Ben were married seven years ago in a small destination wedding. They didn’t have a lot of photos taken then so we were able to create some new images for them!

My favorite moments during our time at the Ag Press building included: 

* Seeing some of the women step-up and interact directly with the bride and groom. We’d talked about providing direction a lot during our time at Blue Stem and it was neat to see them comfortable and doing whatever it took to make beautiful images!

* Emma gave everyone a hands-on lesson in backlighting– I bet people driving by thought we were crazy! 🙂

* I walked around during the shoot and was absolutely amazed by the images the girls were creating. It was really awesome to share back-of-camera sneak peaks with one another!

As the sun dipped below the horizon, it was time for a dress and location change. We moved to The KatHouse Lounge where Keri wore a dress that Emma sewed specifically for this workshop. Again– amazing!

We ended the workshop with a little bit of off-camera flash work inside of The KatHouse Lounge. Jordan and I were super frustrated because we were battling malfunctions with our cybersyncs right when we started to work inside. I felt flustered and bummed– I wanted the girls to get a chance to work on this! My heart was humbled when one of them said “it’s ok, it’s refreshing to know that even the professionals face equipment challenges!”.

Thank you sister, that is exactly what I needed at that moment.

We may not have been able to do as much as we would have liked, but we were still able to give a few techniques a shot! I’m looking forward to a future workshop that might allow us to focus on this type of photography, sans equipment issues 🙂

And ta-da, we wrapped what turned out to be a really great afternoon with some truly amazing women!

Emma and I are hoping to host another Lenses of Beauty Workshop in the future and we’d love your feedback on what topics you’d like to see covered! Please leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to keep in-touch with future opportunities. You can also e-mail lensesofbeauty@gmail.com to reach us!


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