Levi | April 2012


In mid-April I had the chance to meet the Craft family for an awesome, on-campus session featuring their little guy- Levi! Christy (Levi’s momma) and I started talking about this session back in November. During the time that passed between our initial conversations and the actual session Levi learned a lot of new tricks including…learning how to walk! 
We were on the run almost the entire session but that’s the fun part about working with kiddos this age. Levi was into exploring everything. From campus art to interesting doors and blooming bushes– we checked it all out!

First image of the session– all smiles and ready to go!

I love these little legs and his expression that says “outta my way, I’ve got places to go!”

Levi’s curiosity was totally infectious.

One of my favorite images from this session!

Thanks for spending part of the evening with me, Craft family! I hope to see you all again soon- I’m sure Levi will have even more tricks to show off!

in His love,



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