Lindale, TX | Calyssa + Charlie | Wedding


What started as a Kansas wedding in July turned into a May wedding in Texas all because of a tree.

Sounds crazy, right? Well some might say the story God writes for us is just that.  C R A Z Y.

Calyssa and Charlie have one such story that is covered with the handprints of God intertwined with twists and turns that only happen when two people follow His way obediently. From a happenstance meeting on the property where they wed to being a world away from one another during Calyssa’s time in Australia, these two have a love that has already experience a lot yet grow only deeper roots in their love of the Lord.

A year ago to the day of C & C’s wedding, Calyssa became my step-sister as our parents said “I do” under the powerful and looming expanse of Mount Hood in Oregon. Charlie was there as well and it was so awesome to be standing under their vast and amazing wedding tree watching them take their own vows.

From the mission setting of Mercy Ships that hosted much of the getting ready time, the ceremony under the wedding tree that Charlie had run by day after day growing up and the intimate reception space that allowed everyone to break bread and laugh together, May 31st, 2014 was a simply perfect day for these two. I tried not to miss a detail because there were amazing things happening all around. I hope these images help relive the day for those who were there and tell the story for those who weren’t!

Texas Field Wedding_0413Texas Field Wedding_0415Texas Field Wedding_0420Texas Field Wedding_0421Texas Field Wedding_0422Texas Field Wedding_0423Texas Field Wedding_0424Texas Field Wedding_0425Texas Field Wedding_0426Texas Field Wedding_0427Texas Field Wedding_0428Texas Field Wedding_0429Texas Field Wedding_0430Texas Field Wedding_0431Texas Field Wedding_0432Texas Field Wedding_0433Texas Field Wedding_0434Texas Field Wedding_0435Texas Field Wedding_0436Texas Field Wedding_0437Texas Field Wedding_0438Texas Field Wedding_0439Texas Field Wedding_0440Texas Field Wedding_0441Texas Field Wedding_0442Texas Field Wedding_0443Texas Field Wedding_0444Texas Field Wedding_0445Texas Field Wedding_0446Texas Field Wedding_0447Texas Field Wedding_0448Texas Field Wedding_0449Texas Field Wedding_0450Texas Field Wedding_0451Texas Field Wedding_0452Texas Field Wedding_0453Texas Field Wedding_0454Texas Field Wedding_0455Texas Field Wedding_0456Texas Field Wedding_0457Texas Field Wedding_0458Texas Field Wedding_0459Texas Field Wedding_0460Texas Field Wedding_0461Texas Field Wedding_0462Texas Field Wedding_0463Texas Field Wedding_0464Texas Field Wedding_0465Texas Field Wedding_0466Texas Field Wedding_0467Texas Field Wedding_0468Texas Field Wedding_0469Texas Field Wedding_0470Texas Field Wedding_0471Texas Field Wedding_0472Texas Field Wedding_0473Texas Field Wedding_0474Texas Field Wedding_0475Texas Field Wedding_0476Texas Field Wedding_0477Texas Field Wedding_0478Texas Field Wedding_0479Texas Field Wedding_0480Texas Field Wedding_0481Texas Field Wedding_0482Texas Field Wedding_0483Texas Field Wedding_0484Texas Field Wedding_0485Texas Field Wedding_0486Texas Field Wedding_0487Texas Field Wedding_0488Texas Field Wedding_0489Texas Field Wedding_0490Texas Field Wedding_0491Texas Field Wedding_0492Texas Field Wedding_0493Texas Field Wedding_0494Texas Field Wedding_0496Texas Field Wedding_0497Texas Field Wedding_0498Texas Field Wedding_0499Texas Field Wedding_0500Texas Field Wedding_0501Texas Field Wedding_0502Texas Field Wedding_0503Texas Field Wedding_0504Texas Field Wedding_0505Texas Field Wedding_0506Texas Field Wedding_0507Texas Field Wedding_0508Texas Field Wedding_0509Texas Field Wedding_0510Texas Field Wedding_0511Texas Field Wedding_0512Texas Field Wedding_0513Texas Field Wedding_0514Texas Field Wedding_0515Texas Field Wedding_0517Texas Field Wedding_0520Texas Field Wedding_0521Texas Field Wedding_0523Texas Field Wedding_0524Texas Field Wedding_0525Texas Field Wedding_0526Texas Field Wedding_0527Texas Field Wedding_0528Texas Field Wedding_0529Texas Field Wedding_0530Texas Field Wedding_0531Texas Field Wedding_0532Texas Field Wedding_0533Texas Field Wedding_0534Texas Field Wedding_0535Texas Field Wedding_0536Texas Field Wedding_0537Texas Field Wedding_0538Texas Field Wedding_0539Texas Field Wedding_0540Texas Field Wedding_0541Texas Field Wedding_0542Texas Field Wedding_0543Texas Field Wedding_0544Texas Field Wedding_0545Texas Field Wedding_0546Texas Field Wedding_0547Texas Field Wedding_0548Texas Field Wedding_0549Texas Field Wedding_0550Texas Field Wedding_0551Texas Field Wedding_0552Texas Field Wedding_0553Texas Field Wedding_0554Texas Field Wedding_0555Texas Field Wedding_0556Texas Field Wedding_0557Texas Field Wedding_0560Texas Field Wedding_0561Texas Field Wedding_0562Texas Field Wedding_0563Texas Field Wedding_0564Texas Field Wedding_0565Texas Field Wedding_0566Texas Field Wedding_0567Texas Field Wedding_0568Texas Field Wedding_0569Texas Field Wedding_0570Texas Field Wedding_0571Texas Field Wedding_0573Texas Field Wedding_0574Texas Field Wedding_0575Texas Field Wedding_0576Texas Field Wedding_0577Texas Field Wedding_0578Texas Field Wedding_0579Texas Field Wedding_0580Texas Field Wedding_0581Texas Field Wedding_0582Texas Field Wedding_0583Texas Field Wedding_0584Texas Field Wedding_0585Texas Field Wedding_0586Texas Field Wedding_0587Texas Field Wedding_0588Texas Field Wedding_0589Texas Field Wedding_0590Texas Field Wedding_0591Texas Field Wedding_0592Texas Field Wedding_0593Texas Field Wedding_0594Texas Field Wedding_0595Texas Field Wedding_0596Texas Field Wedding_0598Texas Field Wedding_0599Texas Field Wedding_0600Texas Field Wedding_0601Texas Field Wedding_0602Texas Field Wedding_0604Texas Field Wedding_0605Texas Field Wedding_0606Texas Field Wedding_0607Texas Field Wedding_0608Texas Field Wedding_0609Texas Field Wedding_0610Texas Field Wedding_0611Texas Field Wedding_0612Texas Field Wedding_0613Texas Field Wedding_0614Texas Field Wedding_0615Texas Field Wedding_0616Texas Field Wedding_0617Texas Field Wedding_0618Texas Field Wedding_0619Texas Field Wedding_0620Texas Field Wedding_0621Texas Field Wedding_0622Texas Field Wedding_0623Texas Field Wedding_0624Texas Field Wedding_0625Texas Field Wedding_0626Texas Field Wedding_0627Texas Field Wedding_0628Texas Field Wedding_0629Texas Field Wedding_0630Texas Field Wedding_0631Texas Field Wedding_0632Texas Field Wedding_0633Texas Field Wedding_0634Texas Field Wedding_0636Texas Field Wedding_0638Texas Field Wedding_0639Texas Field Wedding_0640Texas Field Wedding_0641Texas Field Wedding_0642Texas Field Wedding_0643Texas Field Wedding_0645Texas Field Wedding_0646Texas Field Wedding_0647Texas Field Wedding_0648Texas Field Wedding_0649Texas Field Wedding_0650Texas Field Wedding_0651Texas Field Wedding_0652Texas Field Wedding_0653Texas Field Wedding_0654Texas Field Wedding_0655Texas Field Wedding_0656Texas Field Wedding_0657Texas Field Wedding_0658Texas Field Wedding_0659Texas Field Wedding_0660Texas Field Wedding_0661Texas Field Wedding_0662Texas Field Wedding_0663Texas Field Wedding_0664Texas Field Wedding_0665Texas Field Wedding_0666Texas Field Wedding_0667Texas Field Wedding_0668Texas Field Wedding_0669Texas Field Wedding_0670Texas Field Wedding_0671Texas Field Wedding_0672Texas Field Wedding_0673Texas Field Wedding_0674Texas Field Wedding_0675Texas Field Wedding_0676Texas Field Wedding_0677Texas Field Wedding_0678Texas Field Wedding_0679Texas Field Wedding_0680Texas Field Wedding_0681Texas Field Wedding_0682Texas Field Wedding_0683Texas Field Wedding_0684Texas Field Wedding_0685Texas Field Wedding_0686

Thank you for trusting me with your day you two! So glad I get to keep you as family forever 🙂
in His love,

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