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As you all know, #storieslovewrites is the hashtag I use for my weddings because it encompasses the incredible legacy that happens through marriages. It’s really amazing that two people can come together and literally build generations out of their love, isn’t it?! Needless to say, my old soul heart (that also studied Marriage & Family Therapy in College!) thrives in the details, the stories, the history & the memories that come forward on each wedding day. So, you can imagine my thrill when this year’s October bride, Madison, shared about a very special portrait she wanted me to make when I was home in KC  last week.

What you see above is the most gorgeous gown, purchased in 1943 for her grandmother (seen top left) to wear for her wedding. Then, her sister borrowed it. Followed by Madison’s mom. And now Madison, who works in the designer bridal gown industry, will be the first to alter the dress to wear in October.

Obviously this dress carries an incredible legacy and these images of Madison wearing it in its original state as it has been worn over the last 75 years were very important, especially to her mom. Thankfully, her mom also got to be present as we photographed her at The Intercontinental in Downtown Kansas City, where the actual wedding will take place this fall. The antique wood, oversized staircase and looming chandelier only added to the incredible beauty of this gown!

Special thanks to Ashlie of Blue Bouquet for providing a lovely bouquet for a few of the portraits! We also managed to sneak in a prop “prayer book” to mimic what the women were holding in their portraits.

Oh this last one. Madison looks just like her mom’s portrait! Such an incredible legacy.
Happy Royal Wedding watching to those of you who will be up early tomorrow for it!

xo, Laura

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