Robinson + Claudia, Rivercrest Park Engagement Session


Robinson & Claudia are definitely one of those couples who remind me of why I do this work and why it has so much meaning beyond just making and delivering pretty pictures. Though we belong to the same church community, we had not really met until we got together for their wedding consultation. They graciously ate my pot roast and munched on cheddar cheese and italian bread. Claudia tried a blush wine that she didn’t totally hate and they shared stories about their families and their journey thus far together. 

It was the best night. A night that ended with me thinking “gosh, I really hope I get to work with them!” And now here we are, just 7 months from their wedding! 

Their engagement session took us first to my always favorite spot, Rivercrest Park. As soon as they got out of the car their shoes were off and they were ready to walk, laugh and enjoy the sunshine. They even busted out a few highly impressive yoga moves! (Claudia is in the process of becoming a certified instructor). 

We left Rivercrest to head to downtown and these two changed their look from barefoot and casual to straight up fierce. Seriously! Robinson’s cuff’s, Claudia’s shoes, the warm sunlight. Ow ow, for sure! 

Robinson & Claudia, 
You two are amazing. The way God has and will continue to grow your love for each other and for Him is evident and I am so blessed just being around you! Thanks for the most fun night. I cannot wait until November!! 



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