Stacy | Glamour | Winter 2013


It’s hard for me to put myself “out there” especially with things I really care about {like my business}. Sometimes, however, out on a limb is exactly where I need to be.

A couple of weeks ago I posted photo on the captured Facebook page semi-joking about how “fun” my winter photo adventures had been and how I wondered if anyone else would brave the cold weather with me. Not expecting a response, I settled into Friday night in Kansas City with my family, excited to explore the West Bottoms antique market the next day.

Much to my surprise, I woke up the next morning to a message from an old friend from high school who was wondering if she could meet me downtown for a quick shoot. I was so thrilled! A quick text and we were set to meet later that afternoon. A reunion and a photo session– I love how God uses this business!


Stacey is an interior architect in Kansas City and is as sweet today as she was when I met her in our high school choir. She’s bubbly and full of love for the Lord– it was so good to reconnect!


We hadn’t talked wardrobe or style because the session came together so quickly and I was absolutely blown away when she stepped in front of the camera. I immediately was transported into another decade. Her beauty and physicality was so unique and so flawless.




I had taken some engagement photos for my mom and her fiance earlier in the afternoon and suddenly found myself in a predicament– I only had room for 30 images on my memory card. Typically I carry spare cards with me but since I was visiting for the weekend and not planning to shoot, I hadn’t come fully loaded.


Obviously this was not the session to to run out of space with– I couldn’t get enough of the imagery that was happening in front of the camera! I whispered to myself “don’t stress and don’t end the session early. Stay calm”.


My goals suddenly shifted from shooting Stacy’s every move {my usual approach} to making my portrait visions a reality in each of the 30 clicks I had left.

Nervous yet inspired, I felt truly and deeply like an artist for one of the first times in my life.



I don’t know what affected me the most in this moment– the urban backdrop with new discoveries around every corner? Stacy’s inherent beauty? The realization that I am in control of my work?

Who knew perceived limitations could be so {surprisingly} exhilarating and blissful?


In a moment where both Stacy and I could have felt trapped/pressured/ rigid we both found freedom and my personal creativity soared.


On top of shooting with limited memory, I decided to shoot Stacy’s entire session with my 100mm 1.8 lens . This is not a lens I typically use for portraiture work, however, I’ve been falling in love with it over the past month….


If you’d been nearby to peek down an alleyway while we were shooting, you probably would have thought I was a dancing weirdo. Between the cold, my excitement and my desire to shoot and frame Stacy in new and interesting ways, I was all over the place.


I’d say it was worth it.


New goals? Limit my cards more often, don’t be afraid to put myself “out there” and end every session with an image like this: staeyblog-2


I’ve told you a thousand times over the past couple weeks but you are seriously, seriously beautiful. Thank you for reaching out and for stretching yourself in front of the camera– I am so appreciative!

Here’s to new challenges with beautiful outcomes, friends. Find the possibilities around you and face them head on– goodness is in store!

in His love


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