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One of the questions I am most frequently asked when helping my clients plan their CIHI session is “what should I/we wear?”

This question requires more than a one sentence answer as well as direction that combines both my style and my desire for my clients to look their absolute best for their portraits. As such, it  is more complicated and than “something you feel good in” or “something that looks nice”.

Last week I met Lynn and Yan for a combination headshot and couple portrait session. With little discussion ahead of time, because the focus of their images would be on tight-framed head shots, they showed up and blew me away. They are a great example of what couples and individuals alike should consider in terms of highlighting style and beauty within their portrait session.

Here are the top 5 take aways I’m excited for my clients to know and see visibly in a handful of their session images! 

1. Put yourselfat the focus of your wardrobe decisions.

If you’d never wear it any other time, why start now? Capitalize on you. Also, portraits are a special occasion and should be treated as such, similar to a fancy-once-a-year-date-night. Dress your best and be brave!

Largo Florida Christian Wedding_0350

2. Don’t forget about your footwear. 

This can often be the last item of consideration on the list but it is noticed and can even be distracting if not chosen well. If you’re going to wear new shoes, be sure to break them in first so you are comfortable! Coordinating shoes to your respective outfits is also encouraged– they are an important wardrobe piece that help differentiate styles.

Largo Florida Christian Wedding_0346

3. Consider versatility.

The ability to add/remove a jacket and comfortably walk, talk, and laugh can completely change the look and feel of a moment. When you select your outfits, think about sitting vs. standing, snuggling vs. dancing etc. The combination of images will be beautiful and will add a professional and love-filled set of images to your gallery!

Largo Florida Christian Wedding_0347

4. A little goes a long way. 

One thing my clients consistently struggle with is what to do about patterns, color and matching. As you all have probably figured out, I am a huge fan of the bold and the beautiful but I’ve also learned to recognize that simple and soft can absolutely leave a huge statement. I loved Lynn and Yan’s neutral color palette of grey, white and nude, particularly with the pop that was added by her gorgeous J Crew necklace.

Largo Florida Christian Wedding_0348

5. Love yourselfin what you wear.

This, above all else, is the most critical piece of wardrobe styling. You’ve gotta love you and let yourself be loved in order for you to love your images.

Largo Florida Christian Wedding_0349

Thanks to Lynn and Yan for inadvertently creating a beautiful display of images that encompass style, professionalism, love and wardrobe.

Future clients– I can’t wait to “raid your closets” in preparation for your session so you can be your best you. in His love, Laura

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