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Words really are powerful. I think more often than not I take them for granted when the truth is, words can tell a powerful story that no other form of communication can. Not even an image.
This week I was again reminded of how amazing my clients really are. Their willingness to allow me into their lives and trusting me to capture their most precious moments never ceases to take my breath away. As a photographer I place a lot of pressure on myself to deliver the best images I can make in addition to giving my clients an incredible portrait experience. I don’t always feel like I have delivered on both of these goals but I am always striving.

Yesterday I received my first captured in His image review. Christy wanted to be sure that other clients, especially brides, had the chance to read about her captured in His image wedding experience first hand. Her words were incredibly humbling to me knowing that her wedding was one that I prayed a lot about, afraid I might not be able to deliver all that they deserved. It is amazing that when I met this couple 15 months ago we were complete strangers and now we’ve experienced so much together, all because of a camera! It’s even more amazing to see God’s provision throughout my time with this couple — they were brought into my life with great purpose and they will always be the first full-wedding captured in His image ever photographed. Wow.

And so, I wanted to pass along Christy’s story to all of you. If you’ve had a session with me I hope her words ring true to your experience. If you haven’t, I sure hope you set one up soon 🙂


“This summer, Laura & her husband, Jordan, photographed our wedding. Is Laura your average photographer? No.

Laura was able to capture more details than just my dress, the flowers, and the other big moments of our wedding; she was able to capture the love and joy that filled the afternoon. Anyone can snap a picture, not everyone can capture the essence of the day, but Laura can. Both Laura and Jordan became apart of the event–jumping in to help out (even if what they were doing had absolutely nothing to do with taking pictures.) In everything, they both had an “I’d be glad to attitude.”  They were even willing to participate in all of the festivities of the weekend, including being gracious participants in a longstanding family practical joke (hopefully they can laugh about it now!) 

Laura has a God-given talent and is a blessing to those around her. She is accommodating, fun, joyful, detail orientated and has a natural way of keeping those around her at ease. Many people commented on a picture of Tony & I in front of wheat field as one that “should be in a magazine,” I can tell you it wasn’t the subjects that inspired those comments—Laura is truly talented; all our wedding (and engagement photos) speak to that talent. 

For the quality of pictures that Laura captures/creates she is worth every penny (and so much more!) Tony & I whole-heartedly recommend Laura for any picture taking needs–look at her portfolio, talk to her, and you won’t be surprised why. We are thankful to have the chance to work with captured in His image and are blessed to now count Laura and Jordan as friends.”



Thank you for your sweet words, Christy and Tony. I am so blessed to do what I do thanks to amazing couples like you!

in His love,


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