The Stelk Family- Summer Edition


June 2010
I just can’t get enough of this wonderful family =) You have watched baby Harmony grow up over the past six months and it was finally time to get the whole family in front of the camera. Ginger & Ryan are servants to Christian Challenge at Kansas State and are truly changing lives every day. It is always amazing to me that they continue pouring out their time and energy into college students while also running a household with four little ones. As these pictures go out in their yearly support newsletter, I pray that friends and family will see the sacrifices they make everyday for God’s kingdom and consider supporting their family through 2011. Thank you for ministering into my life, Ginger, Ryan & kiddos- love you all! (PS Enjoy the kid’s faces throughout the pictures… they had a lot of energy and were wearing us out/cracking us up with their expressions!)


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