The Two Week Journal, A Messy Heart Musing

Behind the Lens

When I worked at Disney I felt overwhelmed with by any sort of expectations around creativity and storytelling. I spent my first two weeks in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique practicing hair, makeup, and nails. Being watched until every style was perfected was so tough for me. Family after family, day after day. About a week in, I stuck a notebook in my pocket and started writing down anything that I could tangibly observe– the ceiling was periwinkle with gold stars, there was a small door on the ceiling towards the front of the castle, 8 crowns were set atop colored pillows down the middle of the space.

At the end of my training, I took out my scribble-filled notepad and wrote a story. One that fit the boutique, that I could tell consistently without fear, but that could also be changed to bring out different experiences for my guests. Flying 1,500 miles with just my two suitcases for that internship was a risk. Showing up for training was a risk. Hitting the floor and feeling frozen every day? Major risk. But you know what, 7 years later that little internship is continuing to shape my life and the lives of others.

I so want things to be safe, make sense, be perfect before they happen. But today, I’m remembering that girl and how risky that whole experience felt, and ready to pray some big prayers because of it. What risk are you feeling called to take? Who can support you in it? How can you create a plan, using the resources around you, to make the leap a tiny bit less scary? 


Image of Caroline Smith at the Jessica Marie's Workshop during the Cultivate Retreat. 

Image of Caroline Smith at the Jessica Marie’s Workshop during the Cultivate Retreat. 


I know I need community in this and it’s my pleasure to cheer you on as well! 

in His love,



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