Wesley Dean | Downtown Tampa Newborn Lifestyle Session

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Sharing Wesley Dean’s newborn photos feels awfully surreal after literally walking every single day of pregnancy with his mama! You see, Danielle and I are besties and it was a hot August day when I dropped a pregnancy test off to her, begging her to try one more time since mine had been positive just hours before. Sure enough, two lines for her as well!! With due dates just 6 day apart we walked through every moment together– the highs of Wesley’s gender reveal party and the low of having to cancel their shower due to Covid. The late night texts and the black Friday baby deals. It has been the sweetest season and I know Danielle and Scott are savoring every moment with this little guy!

So grateful for the Lord’s crazy perfect timing that these babes came just 24 hours apart. I nearly broke down the doors of the locked-down hospital to get to Danielle while she was in delivery… but the nurses went above and beyond to get us in recovery rooms next door to each other so we could sneak in before we were discharged!! Absolutely PRICELESS and a moment we won’t forget!!

Love you to the moon, Smith family!

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