Wisam + Julie, St. Augustine Lighthouse Proposal


When I moved to Tampa three years ago for grad school I had one friend in Tampa. I was heading into a graduate program with a cohort model in place so I was hoping to meet some people there, but having been out of school a few years I really didn’t know how well I would fit in. 

Enter Wisam. One of my best and most unexpected grad school friends. 

He is a Michigan grad and we first connected over the “midwest”. Disney & food followed and I’m so thankful I had him in my life, especially during my first 6 months here when J was in Kansas. 

When I met his girlfriend Julie, I couldn’t have been more excited. They are one of those couples that fit each other like a glove. Soon, she’ll be a graduate of our same program and together they are living and working on campus. Sooooo you can imagine J and I’s excitement when Wisam shared that he would be PROPOSING and wanted us to be involved! 

Plans were put into motion for the question to be popped at the top of the Historic St. Augustine Lighthouse and it could not have been a more fun and perfect night. Julie almost didn’t make it out at the top (fear of heights + killer stairs= her EARNING that bling) but when she did, and Wis dropped to one knee, we were all crying!! 

At one point Julie caught her breath, looked up and said “I should have KNOWN this was happening today when he agreed to match!” We all laughed. Their colors were definitely on point! 

We all eventually made the trek back down the 200 + stairs for more surprises at the bottom including the cutest monogrammed bracelet from one of Julie’s best friends. Bubbly was poured and we ended the night exploring the historic grounds of the lighthouse. 

What an INCREDIBLE proposal for an amazing couple! 

Julie & Wis, 
We love you guys are are so thankful you included us in this amazing moment! 



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