If you had told me a cross country move & a rigorous master's program to pursue my dream higher education career would land me as a full-time photographer, business encourage and speaker... well, I would have spit my (fav, no less!) cabernet sauvignon across the table at you!
And if you told me my high school sweetheart/best friend since 15 would swing back around to marry me, follow me 1/2 way across the country with our 100,000 mile car + whatever we could fit inside, and would say yes to fostering two teens from our urban neighborhood for a season, I would have been equally shocked (and scared!)
But that's the road I've walked and I wouldn't change a thing. This recovering Disney princess (yes, a real one!), original Kansas girl turned Florida lover ends every day feeling one thing: grateful. For the work. The stories. This life. It's so very good!

she believed she could, so she did!


a sneak peek

Into this beautiful life I've been given

My high school sweetheart, J

we met in our freshman high school acting class. we love halloween so of course got married in October. are oddly alike and wouldn't change a thing

mccartney elizabeth

May 2017- a sweet new season began thanks to our sweet girl. To say she is our joy would be an understatement!

our corner lot

Our little spot in Tampa Heights, the historic & urban part of Tampa. Home to stray cats, chain link fences, the best food in the city, and people we now love that we wouldn't have met otherwise! We also run an AirBnB out of our home!

lover of...

all things dessert, our rescue pups, a good roadtrip, NPR, Disney, tacos + queso + margs (#heaven) & knowing people well.


for small business, life & photography tips, foodie adventures & portrait specials! we'll chat twice a month-- wine and dessert recommended! xo, L