If you had told me a cross country move & a rigorous master's program to pursue my dream higher education career would land me as a full-time photographer, business encourage and speaker... well, I would have spit my (fav, no less!) cabernet sauvignon across the table at you!
And if you told me my high school sweetheart/best friend since 15 would swing back around to marry me, follow me 1/2 way across the country with our 100,000 mile car + whatever we could fit inside, and would say yes to fostering two teens from our urban neighborhood for a season, I would have been equally shocked (and scared!)
But that's the road I've walked and I wouldn't change a thing. This recovering Disney princess (yes, a real one!), original Kansas girl turned Florida lover ends every day feeling one thing: grateful. For the work. The stories. This life. It's so very good!

she believed she could, so she did!

Let's be friends!

a sneak peek

into this beautiful life I've been given

My high school sweetheart, J

we met in our freshman high school acting class & have been married almost 9 years! Fall is our favorite, we are big foodies, and are known for our "Wonka" days at home!  

mccartney & Allie

our sweetest girls, both born in May three years apart. we love to travel, picnic, siiiiiiiing (Alexa, play ____!) and are all night owls who sleep in :) Saturday morning donuts are a staple, extra sprinkles.

my background

I started this business out of my college apartment in 2009. I have a background in non-profit/higher education and the letters M.Ed. behind my name. I'm also a former Disney cast member! My favorite part of being a photographer is the people I get to meet and the stories I hear/see in them. Such a gift!! 

lover of...

box mix brownies, our rescue pups, travel to anywhere, Amazon finds, tacos + queso + margs (#heaven), hosting in our home & conversations that go 10,000 feet deep 

let's connect! @laurafoote


for small business, life & photography tips, foodie adventures & portrait specials! we'll chat twice a month-- wine and dessert recommended! xo, L