I didn't choose the entrepreneurship journey, but it chased me until I said yes. I started this business as a college student trying to figure out how to shoot in manual mode. Almost 13 years later, I truly haven't ever looked back. After nearly 8 years in Florida, my little family and I now call Kansas City (our original home) our "home base". But destination work has become so much more than traveling to beautiful places. My calendar is full of clients who I love, and who pass my name along so I can join in the next adventure, and the next. Where you are is where I want to be, that is the heartbeat of my work and travels! 

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A glass of good red wine, our rescue pups Jenny & Layla, co-working dates, tacos + queso (#heaven), hosting in our home & conversations that go 10,000 feet deep.


We met in our freshman high school acting class where he initially ignored me after a forced introduction by our moms! He is now a high school theater teacher himself. This year marks 20 years as best friends and 12 years married. Fall is our favorite, we are big foodies, and are known for our "Wonka" days at home! 

my high school sweetheart, jordan

Our sweetest girls, both born in May but three years apart. Our FL sunshine beauties we've dreamed about raising since we were teenagers. They are my best friends who love TJ Maxx trips, Asian Food & traveling as much as I do. Being their mama is my greatest privilege and joy.

Mccartney & Allie

I started this business out of my college apartment in 2009 while completing my Bachelor's in Family Studies. I did photography alongside a wholehearted career in non-profit and higher ed. My Master's program took us from Kansas to Florida and after putting M.Ed behind my last name, I ended up going full time with LFP 7 years ago! 

My Background

J and I are from the midwest. Life took us to Fl for 8 years and then unexpectedly brought us back. So home base is now Kansas City, but you'll find me on a plane nearly every weekend, and my family travels with me 4-6 times per year! We love it.

Home and away

a sneak peek

into this beautiful life I've been given

In 2022 Marcus joined the LFP team as a wedding associate and after extensive training & travel, became the lead LFP 2nd photographer in the summer of 2023! We are thrilled to serve you all together. I am the lead for all things booking, communication, and day-of. Marcus handles back of house & day-of support. He is incredibly talented at bringing a gentle and often unseen presence,

while capturing breathtaking intimacy, in between moments and secondary perspectives.I feel incredibly humbled that he is willing to share his time, talent and frankly his life, with all of us. As a former CNA & current high school para, his heart for people and desire to help is a gift that comes through. I’ve never been more excited about the feeling of my galleries than with his images alongside mine.

Some fun facts:

We are cousins! There are 10 years between us & while we look and are a lot alike, his mom and my dad are adopted so we technically aren’t DNA related!

Marcus // Laura

He’s a movie buff, Illinois born & raised, the only boy of 4 kids, and a big Cubs fan & summer guy.

We play Pokémon Go. Keeps us walking & out of travel stressors in airports and busy cities. Don’t judge! (But let us know if you want to trade trainer codes…)

When picking our meals to eat while traveling I go for the best taco and he goes for the best burger.

The LFP Team