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great dreams are heavy and they aren't meant to be carried by a single pair of hands.

 -ashley scobey

I started my business pre-pinterest, pre- community over competition, and heck, pre-smart phones! Just a 20 year old college student fresh out of her Disney Internship with Canon's first broad market SLR in her hands, thanks to a few hard earned Mickey dollars. If you had told me then that I would start a business less than a year later that would follow me through countless jobs, two degrees, getting married, and a cross country move, I would have turned and ran the other direction!

Needless to say finishing my Master's of College Education Degree and promptly leaving that career field 13 months later to pursue photography full-time was also unexpected. And while I miss my 18-19 year old students every day, I'm so grateful that my classroom now includes business owners & creatives looking to dive into their Strengths, brand identity & processes!

  • Lessons from my time as a Disney cast member
  • Deep dive into "The Disney Basics" and practical application of customer service models for today's world
  • How to create "Magical Moments" in your business

disney magic

A keynote presentation tailored to bring customer service & leading with your talents to a new light.

Perfect for conferences looking to add a unique, entertaining & inspiring talk to their lineup!

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  • Running a business & enjoying a beautiful life
  • Offering irresistible customer service
  • Refining your brand, services, processes
  • Full online audit; pricing, website, social

Personalized coaching

Available to small business owners with a heart for their clients and a desire to be great

Business owners may book a 90 minute quick dive call, or consistent coaching with laura. investment averages $150/hour.

Connect 1:1

  • 1 Strengths Finder™ Top 5 Assessment (upgrade to full 34 available!)
  • (2) 90 minute live video calls with Laura; personalized walkthrough of your results, analysis of current business, brand, services etc. 
  • Clarified next steps for application in life & business (aka homework I help you get started on!) 

Online + in-person coaching for individuals who are ready to unpack & lean into their talents

I teach others how to lead lives, businesses & teams by understanding their true talent and passion



Specialty areas: New/changing businesses, vocation clarity. Individuals familiar with strengths but looking for the next step to take with them also receive custom 1:1 content!


  • Strengths Finder™ Top 5 Assessments for each team member (upgrade to full 34 available!)
  • 120 minute conversational presentation with Laura; personalized walkthrough of your results, application to your specific organization.
  • Personalized team grid delivered to apply the 4 domains & review team functions/roles

Available in-person or online for groups of 2-100 (businesses, schools, social organizations etc.)


I have been leading teams through Strengths for 6 years. Clients include The Junior League of San Francisco, The University of South Florida and KC Wedding Initiative.

Rates begin at $895

Dependent upon travel required, audience, scale, etc.

  • 45-65 minute strengths-based presentation; customized for the group
  • General trait/talent/truth content available to cultivate a perspective of what we ARE able to do, or Strengths inventory specific broad-based understanding
  • breakout session add-on option available that reflects the 1:1/Team services conversations

An interactive keynote for conferences, retreats, and workshops.


Recent keynote and breakout presentations were delivered at The Mastermind Retreat and The Creative @ Heart Conference.

Rates begin at $1,695

Dependent upon travel required, audience, scale, etc.

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you don't have to do #allthethings on your own, friend! i'd be honored to come along side you

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