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It's fitting that these two booked a date with me two years out, because the anticipation of their wedding weekend only grew over that time and I feel so lucky to have spent it with them! Gabbi had a tremendous vision for this day. A "Love Shack Fancy meets Bridgerton" soiree in her hometown, with friends and family traveling in all over to celebrate she and Joey. They, too, had been together for years so this was such a special weekend culminating in all the things. From the florals lining the lawn of The Nelson to the birdcages hanging in the grand hall, it was an affair to remember. 

Kind Words from the couple

Gabbi + Joey

Laura brings a level of peace and calm and you truly feel like you are being photographed by a close friend. This is all before you even see the incredible photos that she is able to create. Her artistic vision and talent are beyond comparison and she manages to capture not only the formal expected moments but the moments in between that so often go unnoticed.

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