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They met unexpectedly in Chicago, both there thinking it was a temporary stop during that season of life, only to get engaged and married there years later. As Rachel walked down the steps of the Chicago History Museum, even strangers walking their dogs stopped to watch as the park went quiet and Jacob couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She wore a one of a kind gown with all the confidence in the world. I’ve never heard two people say “this is the best day of our lives” more than they did. From walking hand in hand, hugging every guest at their al fresco cocktail hour, to making a point to thank everyone for their presence before dinner began, their love for each other and those gathered was abundant. 

Kind Words from the couple

Rachael + Jacob

One of my favorite Laura moments from our wedding was when we were capturing photos with our flower girls and ring bearer. Our ring bearer was just over 14 months old, so you can imagine how hard it was to get him to smile, let alone look at the camera for a photo. Laura, proactively finding a solution, whipped out a bag of colorful gummies and shook them above her head (while holding the camera up with her other hand to snap a photo). This caught our ring bearer's attention and he looked right at her as he was mesmerized by her masterful distraction - and Laura successfully captured a family portrait with everyone looking at her camera. It's those unscripted moments that I appreciated so much with Laura's creativity and humor, making the mundane feel like magic.

Just a few days after our wedding, Laura sent us a range of sneak peaks to post and share with friends and family who couldn't be there on our wedding day, which my husband and I both appreciated. Once the full gallery was finished, Laura's team mailed us physical copies of so many photos from our wedding day in the most wonderful keepsake glass box. There was even a real sprig of lavender included in the mailer, providing the best scent! Her attention to detail long after the wedding day blew us away. We spent hours going through the physical copies of the photos, some which we sent immediately to family members in frames and others that we quickly put up throughout our house. A small but important detail that demonstrates Laura's willingness to go above and beyond for her clients even after her work is done.

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