It’s easy to look at a photo like the one below and to be on the other side of the screen thinking “I’ll never be invited to something like that” or “how did they even put this together” and so Lauren and I tag teamed writing out a plan to help you decide if planning a weekend away is right for you, and how to go about doing it!

Planning a Biz Pal Weekend

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Modern Maps Art allows you to create gorgeous prints, posters and canvases of the night sky on a specific date (your wedding, the birth of a child etc.!) The prints also have room to add additional text, so we included part of the lyrics to “I’ve just seen a face” by The Beatles, which is our song for Mac! 

I am obsessed with Ikea’s large white frames, which are matted to an 8×10, so, I ordered a white 8×10 print with the sky in navy! I am obsessed with how it turned out and how perfectly it fits in her room (for now!) 

The Sweetest Father’s Day Gift | Modern Map Art

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I could have flown in and out of Miami today and done the shoot in the middle, but, I’ve honestly been craving a night away just to hang…. with myself haha! As funny as that sounds, my introverted self truly loves alone time and it is hard to find these days. So, I snagged a flight, a downtown hotel on Hotwire for less than $100, turned off instagram, and had a 20 hour work/play date.

By myself. Cool kid status aka loner in the lunch room don’t care.  

24 Hours in Miami | A fun-filled work trip

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My friend, stylist, wedding planner/florist extraordinaire Amber is friends with Caroline (the new bride to be!) and her bestie Katie, and graciously shared my information with Katie & the friends helping execute the proposal! Rose petals perfectly placed, tropical storm clouds of the way, I hid in my post anxiously waiting (for this couple I’d never met!!), and Julius wasted no time. The ring was out of his pocket before he could get down on one knee and Caroline’s face… priceless! Clearly she went to Cloud 9 immediately and stayed there all night. 

Caroline + Julius | Tampa Bay Proposal

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As you all know, #storieslovewrites is the hashtag I use for my weddings because it encompasses the incredible legacy that happens through marriages. It’s really amazing that two people can come together and literally build generations out of their love, isn’t it?! Needless to say, my old soul heart (that also studied Marriage & Family Therapy in College!) thrives in the details, the stories, the history & the memories that come forward on each wedding day. So, you can imagine my thrill when this year’s October bride, Madison, shared about a very special portrait she wanted me to make when I was home in KC  last week. 

Madison | Kansas City Heirloom Bridals


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It is always a wonderful experience when I have the opportunity to document life for people I love. So walking alongside Annabeth & Chase through friendship, pregnancy and now, Sadie Grace’s arrival, has been the sweetest! This little girl came right on her due date and is already so very loved by her family & friend from Texas, to South Carolina, to Tampa! She and McCartney are almost exactly a year apart and I’ll be honest, holding her today made me wonder if Mac was really ever as small as she is?! 

Hello Sadie Grace | Tampa Bay Newborn

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