Jenna and Doug are an incredible husband & wife Tampa Real Estate team (better known as DeGroot Real Estate!) as well as dear friends! It’s been amazing to watch them move their business from NC to FL, add two incredible boys to their family, and transition Jenna from higher ed (yes, we have the same master’s degree!) to mom + biz life! They recently changed brokerages and it was perfect timing for new Tampa Real Estate Headshots. 

Tampa Real Estate Headshots

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Modern Maps Art allows you to create gorgeous prints, posters and canvases of the night sky on a specific date (your wedding, the birth of a child etc.!) The prints also have room to add additional text, so we included part of the lyrics to “I’ve just seen a face” by The Beatles, which is our song for Mac! 

I am obsessed with Ikea’s large white frames, which are matted to an 8×10, so, I ordered a white 8×10 print with the sky in navy! I am obsessed with how it turned out and how perfectly it fits in her room (for now!) 

The Sweetest Father’s Day Gift | Modern Map Art

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I am so grateful to be able to come back “home” to Kansas City 3-4 times a year for weddings, portraits, Little Apple visits & time with friends and family. Spring & fall are the seasons I miss most living in Florida so it is especially fun when I get to come back and enjoy them here!

Erin | Kansas City Headshots

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Oh friends. It is a sweet, amazing, tear-filled, happy dance, OMG kind of day for my dear friend Emily Ley. You might know her because of The Simplified Planner but today, she is officially a published AUTHOR and her book, Grace Not Perfection, is available nationwide! WHAT! 

It was so amazing to work with Em and her Harper Collins/Thomas Nelson publisher teams on this shoot. Never before had they tried a lifestyle photography attempt at commercial book imagery and we had so much fun bringing the heart behind this book to life! I remember Emily saying “It’s for all women; not just young women, or married women, or women who are balancing a million things. What about the women who wish they were married or who long to have many things to manage? This is for them too”.

Emily Ley’s ‘Grace Not Perfection’


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